Embrace the journey and power of turning inward and going without during this Revitalizing Fast, purging misalignments in your thoughts, words, and actions. Combining the fast with a harmonious feast of energetic arts that celebrate alignment with your highest self and others is where the magic truly happens. Through this profound transformation of any discord, we emerge into a realm of potent vulnerability. Within this sacred space, we are empowered to choose love over fear and reverse fear itself back into its primordial essence—love. Letting go of fear allows us to detach from our external reality as a source of fulfillment. As torchbearers of unconditional love, we become courageous leaders, radiating love’s light upon all life.

Protocol Options

  • Group – $299
  • Self-Guided – $49
  • Private – $2,999
  • Scholarships Available

What is included

  • Program length: 2 Months
  • All phases incorporate energetic arts.
  • Phase 1:  14 Day Juice Fast
  • Phase 2:  14 Day Smoothie/Juice Fast
  • Phase 3 & 4:  Rebuild and Reseed the Gut
  • Calls: 9 Guidance and Discovery Calls.
  • 25% Discount on additional supplements at
  • Private Only: $1500 in supplements, herbs and products shipped to you.
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