$1,500.00 / month for 12 months

Customized Wellness Program

Discover a path to holistic well-being, personal growth, and self-love as you are guided on this customized transformative wellness journey. Join for a life-changing experience tailored to your unique goals and aspirations that evolves as you emerge.

Program Outline
  1. Months 1-3: A Foundational Reset
    • Personalized, evolving wellness plan with fitness, mindfulness and nutritional practices.
    • Revitalize Fasting Protocol
    • Weekly 15-30 minute guidance and accountability calls.
    • Create a FullScript.com account and grant access to a 25% discount on supplements, food and health products.
    • Access to all programs within BBHFitness through Trainerize App.
  2. Months 4-6: Transformation
    • Everything in the first three months.
    • In-Depth Mind, Body, Spirit Integration through Energetic Arts Practices.
    • Advanced goal setting.
    • Deeper dive into nutrition with The Plant Based Protocol.
  3. Months 7-12: Total Wellness
    • Includes everything from months 1-6.
    • Discounted Mindfulness Retreat
    • Monthly Progress Evaluations.
    • Completion of your emerged holistic outlook.
    • Grants Membership to BBHFitness programs for $5/Month for life.


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