Putting Your Highest Self & Dreams First

I was asked an interesting question the other day by a friend (well we follow each other of Instagram so that means we are friends, right):

“How do you deal with people who don’t support your dreams?”

This made some sparks fly in my brain and I answered. “I support my dreams and if others want to prop me up then I am grateful for it, and those that don’t, I don’t even see. They see and have a deep knowledge of what is real and true and choose to go against their highest self, so it comes out as not supportive or negative sometimes. This is because it feels bad to go against their highest self. So I just do me and let the rest unfold”.

Let’s dive a bit deeper. It brings a lot of peace to understand others’ behavior.

A lot of the times people who do not support you and try to bring you down or make you wrong for your dreams have been sold a lie that they deem to be the truth. Your truth would make their truth false. Your ego would step in and says: no, you couldn’t have been that naive.

This little voice (your ego) has been called many names and the one that has stuck with me is “The young prince.” The young prince wants to keep you comfortable and above all else “safe” a lot of times to your detriment, which is what I am speaking to. This does not feel good which can cause the person to project onto you. Show them love and realize they are not there yet and know that seed has been planted; your work, for the time being, is done. Give yourself a pat on the back, you stayed true to yourself.

So by doing you, focusing on what you want, giving your energy, your undivided attention to your dreams, you are putting your highest self first.

Putting your highest self first feels so good!

This blissful state is your manifestation state where you are able to magnetize your dreams and bring them to your reality. (I give a lot of gratitude to these types of interactions, especially when I stay fully in my highest self. I get so pumped up with good vibes.)

There is a reason your dreams are your dreams and when you’re in line with your dreams you feel gratified. The universal currency for the law of attraction in more or fewer words. When you give gratitude you are giving so you will be given too and when you are taking things for granted (being negative, mean, self-deprecating) you are taking, so you will be taken from.

So give! Give thanks to for the air in your lungs, the blood pulsing through your veins, all of your senses, your attributes, talents, and characteristics. Give thanks!

A couple of wonderful practices to implement into your daily routine to become hater proof and put your highest self first are below:

  1. At the end of each day look back over your entire day and give thanks to all the experiences of that day. This teaches you to look for the good first.
  2. Alphabet Affirmations – Put “I Am” in front of as many words for each letter in the alphabet as you can that describe you when you are living as your highest self. This is you giving to yourself and loving yourself.
  3. This should actually be #1. Before you do anything for anyone else you must do something for yourself. It can be as easy and waking up and saying good morning to yourself and telling yourself I love you. You can also meditate, stretch, make your bed ( this is actually major).

Give these a try and if you want help creating & implementing energetic health practices into your daily routine sign up for my En Theos Program!

Peace & Love

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